​I Was Searching for Resources

Though this dashing young man manages to dress for school very day like he just walked off the pages of GQ (his own idea), he insists his goals for the future lie in engineering and science. With plenty of confidence and enthusiasm, Zachary is ready to make his mark on the world.

His proud mother, Aimee, has been thrilled to watch him grow since their move to Arizona. “He has made so much progress,” she said.

There were many adjustments moving into a new school system and coping with medical crises that resulted in several new diagnoses.

“I felt pretty lost and I was searching for resources,” Aimee commented. After a therapist’s recommendation, Aimee contacted Raising Special Kids and was matched with a parent mentor who had experienced disability issues like Zachary’s.

Aimee attended several workshops on Positive Behavior Support and training about IEPs. Aimee was also provided assistance with putting an appropriate IEP in place for Zachary. “It was so helpful to have that support. It really helped me with my confidence and being successful in the special education meeting.”

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