​I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again!

Shook family portrait

When Laurie and her husband adopted Adilynn, they anticipated a few minor medical issues. What they could not have anticipated was the number of hospitalizations, medical procedures and dozens of specialists necessary to meet Adilynn’s medical needs. “She has been hospitalized a total of four times, and with every stay, we would leave with more doctors, tests, and stress,” Laurie said.

“We were bombarded with paperwork, insurance issues, and the feeling that we were drowning and couldn’t catch up.” In addition to Adilynn, the Shooks have a two-year-old foster son who also has special needs. “I felt overwhelmed, stressed, sad, and even hopeless at times. I would sit at the hospital and cry some days because I wasn’t sure how to move forward or where to begin.”

Following Adilynn’s surgery, Laurie received a call from Raising Special Kids. “They helped me cope with her new feeding tube. And, best of all, I got pointed in the right direction on how to get Long Term Care set up! I finally felt like I could breathe again!”

Through Raising Special Kids’ Parent-to-Parent Connection program, Laurie connected with another mom who also has a child with complex medical needs. “I could talk to someone who understood and was a few steps ahead of where we were. I now know just how important Raising Special Kids is to those who have kids with special needs.”

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