Helping to Navigate New Terrain

Laurie Shook

Since the pandemic began, we have all found ourselves navigating new terrain. Recently, Family Support Specialist Laurie Shook took a call from a mom who was facing many unforeseen challenges. The mom had recently lost her income due to COVID-19 and she found herself facing the daunting reality that her family, which includes children with special needs, were now without health insurance and would soon be without housing.

Laurie encouraged the woman to reach out to her employer who was able to provide assistance with a short-term place to stay and some groceries. Additionally, Laurie shared with her information about KidsCare and the mom was able to get health insurance for her children. Together they researched additional emergency financial resources and eventually, through a community organization, the family was able to find permanent housing.

Raising Special Kids is thankful to have been there for this family and for so many others. Regardless of the challenges families face, Raising Special Kids is here to help just as we have been for over 40 years.

If you or someone you know, needs assistance, call our office at 602-242-4366 or 800-237-3007 or email We’ll help you figure it out!

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