A Message From the Director – Summer 2020

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The mission of Raising Special Kids is to strengthen families and systems of care to improve the lives of children who have disabilities and one of our five core beliefs, as an organization, is: we value diversity and celebrate our commitment to serving families of all cultures, languages, and ethnicities.

The deep history of systemic racism and discrimination in this country is present and can be seen in health inequities in low income, rural and tribal communities, in disproportionate suspension and expulsion of black students and students of color, and certainly in the senseless killing of George Floyd.

Since March our organization has repeated the phrase, “we are all in this together.” Recent events in cities and states across our nation have shown a deep pain in the soul of our nation, and if we are truly all in this together, then we are all in this, all of it, together.

This is a moment for us to stop and reflect on how we can do better to be part of the change that brings to an end the discrimination seen not only in interactions with law enforcement, but also in education, health care, employment and many other facets of daily life that many take for granted.

As a human services organization that serves all Arizona families raising children who have disabilities, we stand with Black Lives Matter and all people of color, and Raising Special Kids holds ourselves accountable to be a part of the solution.

Hoping you, your family and loved ones are safe and healthy,

Christopher Tiffany
Executive Director

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