Raising Special Kids Joins Nationwide Project to Dismantle Racism in Health Care

Raising Special Kids, as Arizona’s Family-to-Family Health Information Center (F2F HIC) and member of Family Voices, has joined with 58 other parent centers nationwide to launch an 18-month project to address and dismantle racism in the health care of children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families.

The project will be guided by three objectives:

  • Build Competence by learning about the history of race in the U.S. and racial disparities in healthcare
  • Foster Connectedness by creating opportunities to connect and engage in raw, honest, uncomfortable conversations necessary to bring about change
  • Encourage Confidence to Act with the creation of materials and guidance to equip network members to start, lead, and sustain conversations to dismantle racism in health care of CYSHCN in their own locality.

Read the official announcement from Family Voices

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