Raising Special Kids Awarded Federal Grant to Support Families

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Parent Organization Awarded Federal Grant to Support Families in the Education of Students Who Have Disabilities

PHOENIX, Arizona – The U. S. Department of Education has awarded Arizona’s grant for parent training and information to Raising Special Kids, a parent-led nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to Arizona families of children with disabilities up to age 26. The grant award provides $2 million for special education information and assistance to parents of students with any type of disability. The five-year grant is awarded under Part D of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which establishes Parent Training and Information (PTI) centers in every state.

Raising Special Kids’ Executive Director Christopher Tiffany commented, “On behalf of all the families and children who will be served, Raising Special Kids is enormously proud and honored to lead this important project for Arizona.”

Arizona has approximately 200,000 children, from birth to age 22, with disabilities and special health care needs. Many require special education services and supports to receive a free and appropriate public education.

The PTI project is designed to increase the knowledge and capacity of parents and youth in effective educational decision-making and self-advocacy to improve educational outcomes for children and youth with disabilities. Learning how to work with schools and educators is a critical focus of the project, which emphasizes the importance of collaboration between parents and professionals.

For more information about special education, the needs of families raising children with special needs in Arizona, or the work of Raising Special Kids, contact Maureen Mills at 602-242-4366, extension 201, maureenm@raisingspecialkids.org or visit raisingspecialkids.org.

Local community members with developmental disabilities and family members are available upon request for local news coverage.

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