It’s Here! Your Chance To Provide Input on Current & Future Education Initiatives for Arizona Students With Disabilities

Did you know that the Arizona Department of Education has something similar to an IEP? 

It’s called the SPP/APR – State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report. Join Raising Special Kids and the Arizona Department of Education Exceptional Student Services to learn more about the SPP/APR and to share your ideas for how Arizona can improve its efforts to implement the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for students receiving special education services.

See below for the days, dates, times and topics for each forum. Click here to be taken to the registration pages.

TUE, OCT 12, 6-7 PM

  • Incidents of discipline in excess of 10 days among students with disabilities across different races/ethnicities. 
  • Comparison of the races/ethnicities of students with disabilities to the races/ethnicities of students without disabilities in a school district as well as comparison of different disability categories.
  • The percent of students who received an initial evaluation for special education within 60 days of a parent giving consent. 

WED, OCT 20, 6-7 PM

  • How many students with disabilities graduate from high school with a regular diploma or dropped out of high school.
  • The status regarding employment or higher education of students with disabilities one year after the student leaves high school. 

WED, NOV 10, 6-7 PM

  • Improvements in preschool students with disabilities in social/emotional wellbeing, gaining and using new knowledge/skills, and the use of appropriate behaviors. 
  • The number of children (ages 0–2) who may qualify for special education services. And, if they qualify, the percent of students that have a formal plan ready by their third birthday. 
  • The percent of students with disabilities (ages 16+) that have certain components in their educational plan. Their plan must include appropriate goals, transition information, services and courses.

WED, DEC 1, 6-7 PM

  • The percent of problems that are solved through mediation or resolution sessions.

SAT, DEC 11, 10-11 AM

  • The multi-year plan called the SSIP, which is designed to improve results for students with disabilities. In Arizona, the goal is to improve literacy achievement in grades 3 through 5. 
  • The locations where students with disabilities (ages 3-5) and (ages 6–21) are receiving their special education services.

WED, JAN 5, 6-7 PM

  • The number of students with disabilities who completed the statewide achievement test and information about their results. 
  • The results of the survey of parents of special needs children that gauges how well the school is involving parents in decisions regarding their child’s special education services. 

WED, JAN 12, 6-7 PM

  • The percent of problems that are solved through mediation or resolution sessions.
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