RSK Recognized in AZ OnTrack Initiative Report

AZ OnTrack was a first-of-its-kind effort launched by Governor Doug Ducey to support Arizona children in making up some of what was lost during Covid-19 school closures and remote learning.The initiative provided rigorous, engaging, fun and free summer learning experiences to children throughout Arizona.

Ensuring all kids were welcome at AZ OnTrack camps was an expectation set by Gov. Ducey from the outset, with the understanding that camps needed to prioritize serving kids most in need. To achieve this, the AZ OnTrack team worked closely with camps to enroll and support any
camper who wanted to participate including providing access to resources and expert special education advisors through a partnership between AZ OnTrack and Raising Special Kids.

Camps provided specialized resources to meet the needs of the unique campers they served. Some examples of these resources included behavior coaches, certified special education teachers, individual aids, specialized materials, and accessible transportation to meet the needs of campers with disabilities and other special needs.

RSK rose to the challenge when the governor’s AZ OnTrack team asked them to assist camps in understanding the needs of campers with disabilities and to offer suggestions and support for how to best meet those needs.

AZ OnTrack Initiative Report

Click here to access the complete report.

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