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Family Outreach Specialist – City of Peoria

This position supports the targeted population of BIPOC, and low and moderate-income families of the City of Peoria who have children with disabilities and have been affected by COVID-19. 

Family Outreach Specialist conducts outreach to families and communities that are low to moderate income, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and have limited English proficiency. Family Outreach Specialists provide support with information, referrals, training, peer mentoring, and problem-solving consultations for individuals and family members of children and youth with the full range of disabilities. Outreach services are designed to navigate barriers created by COVID-19, and increase client’s knowledge and skills in becoming effective self-advocates and promoting improved outcomes. This full-time position is located in the City of Peoria and supervised by the Director of Operations.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Information, Intake, and Consultation. Assess the strengths and needs, identify issues, and determine priority status for immediate action. Enter data on contacts and cases, demographic characteristics, document history and requests, types of issues, methods of support, and conduct follow-up calls.   
  • Outreach. Work with the Raising Special Kids program staff and management team to develop and execute a robust outreach plan and social media strategyto reach the targeted population this position supports. 
  • Training and Self-advocacy. Through consultation,training, and workshops assist with providing the knowledge, skills, and understanding of public programs, special education, problem-resolution, system navigation and access to various systems of care, evaluating options, understanding rights, filing appeals, using appropriate strategies for resolving conflict, collaborating with professionals, and participating in stakeholder involvement activities.
  • Peer to Peer mentoring.  Provide direct assistance with the Parent-to-Parent mentoring program, by making referrals for matching, and in the identification, screening, and recruitment of potential Parent Leaders (volunteers).
  • Current and Reliable Resources. Provide assistance in finding appropriate and high-quality sources of information on disability issues, care providers, childcare, meeting basic needs, early intervention, special education, youth transition, and locating community programs and services for appropriate referrals and follow-up.
  • Develop partner opportunities and relationships with state agencies, schools, community organizations, professionals, hospitals, universities, and others to increase knowledge, collaboration, and stakeholder involvement.

The ideal candidate has knowledge and experience in engaging with and meeting the needs of BIPOC and low and moderate-income communities and families of children who have disabilities, and resides in, or is near the City of Peoria.

Required Qualifications:

  • Exceptional communication skills.  Knowledge of principles of family and person-centered care, strength-based assessment, and collaboration with professionals. Understands and observes compliance with confidentiality requirements under FERPA and HIPAA. Highly skilled at guiding individuals through federal/state program eligibility, system navigation, care coordination, early intervention, special education, problem resolution, and other issues.
  • Experience and skill in training and presentation; knowledge of adult learning techniques and practices.
  • Ability to perform daily data entry, conduct evaluations, organize, and maintain current information on resources, support groups, state agencies, community programs and services. 
  • Effective in maintaining working relationships with staff, volunteers, health and social service professionals, parent groups, and key community and agency stakeholders.
  • Productive and effective time management, flexibility in responding to a variety of work tasks. Proficiency with basic information technology. Available for travel, evening, and weekend work hours.

Preferred Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree in social work, education, or a related discipline, Parent of child with a disability 

Send Resume – Request Application: Human Resources Administrator, Fax: 602 242-4306 or Email:

Raising Special Kids supports diversity in the workplace.  All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

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