Floor of the AZ House of Representatives - photo by Gage Skidmore

Legislative Update

The Arizona Constitution provides that “The sessions of the legislature shall be held annually at the capitol of the state, and shall commence on the second Monday of January of each year.”

January 9, 2023, marked the start of Arizona’s 56th Legislature’s First Regular Session. On that day, Governor Katie Hobbs addressed the joint legislative session and provided her State of the State Address.

Click here for the 2023 Session Timeline.

To find your legislative district and the names of your state senator and representatives, visit the Arizona State Legislature website and follow the instructions.

The Request To Speak (RTS) is designed to allow the public to register an opinion on bills listed on agendas. You only need to physically go to the capitol once. After that, you do not have to appear in person to register your opinion. Click here for information on Request to Speak trainings.

Summary of the 2022 Legislative Session

RSK Position Statements

Opposition to HB 2460

Opposition to SB 1411

House Bills

HB2014 STOs; scholarships; corporate tax credit

HB2053 nurse-home visitation; program; appropriations

HB2057 classroom-based preparation program; employment

HB2071 schools; corporal punishment; prohibition

HB2137 children’s health insurance program; eligibility

HB2160 school mental health professionals; academy

HB2166 DHS; licensure; group homes

HB2174 supported decision-making; supporter obligations

HB2224 homeschool; private school students; examinations

HB2338 AHCCCS; preventive dental care

HB2455 developmental disabilities; Prader-Willi syndrome

HB2456 ASDB; continuation

HB2460 suspension; requirements; K-4 students (click here to read RSK Position Statement)

HB2470 AHCCCS; rapid genome sequencing

HB2474 school immunizations; exclusions

HB2548 school safety program; mental health

HB2600 children’s behavioral health services fund

HB2603 reimbursement; direct care workers

HB2624 AHCCCS; redeterminations

HB2629 universal ESAs; repeal

Senate Bills

SB1001 pronouns; biological sex; school policies

SB1016 AHCCCS; speech therapy

SB1017 AHCCCS; cochlear implants

SB1018 mental health coverage; collaborative care

SB1032 developmental disabilities; spina bifida

SB1038 probate advisory panel; establishment

SB1040 public schools; restrooms; reasonable accommodations

SB1044 student discipline; nonattendance; suspension; requirements

SB1081 AHCCCS; continuation

SB1216 health insurance coverage; insulin

SB1267 eligibility; children’s health insurance program

SB1291 guardianship; conservatorship; policies; procedures

SB1315 emergency response; students with disabilities

SB1349 medical conditions; medical marijuana

SB1385 student discipline profiles; school achievement

SB1411 developmental disabilities; parents; guardianship

SB1417 students with disabilities; diaper changes

SB1421 developmental disabilities; Prader-Willi syndrome

SB1457 psychologists; prescribing authority

SB1459 mental illness; medication; authorization

SB1498 qualified schools; special education; enforcement

SB1551 schools; corporal punishment; prohibition

SB1576 universal ESAs; repeal

SB1578 group B weight; kindergarten; appropriation

SB1607 students with disabilities; body cameras

SB1638 group B weight; tribal students

SB1702 gender transition; prohibitions; hormone therapies

SB1703 in loco parentis; prohibition

SB1708 ESAs; assessments; qualified schools; audits

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