Programs & Services

Raising Special Kids provides information, training, resources, and support to families of children with disabilities and special health care needs in Arizona. Experienced staff lend an understanding ear and assist families in identifying and locating appropriate resources. Workshops offer training in a variety of skills including advocacy, effective communication and collaboration techniques. Our newsletter, Connecting, reaches more than 10,000 parents and professionals and e-news alerts are shared by request with a growing list of interested individuals.

Parent Support

Parent-to-Parent support has always been the heart of Raising Special Kids. Each year, more than 300 families in Arizona are connected with veteran "mentor" parents who have walked a similar path, and who understand the challenges of raising a child with a disability or special health care need. Learn More

Special Education Information

Raising Special Kids provides training and consultation in special education to families, schools, teachers, and other professionals. Learn More

Health Care Information

Raising Special Kids provides families with assistance in navigating health care systems. We provide families with information about health care systems, community resources, and support systems. Learn More

Transition to Adulthood

To make transitions into adult life successful, young adults with disabilities and special health needs must be prepared and knowledgeable. Individuals and families need information and supports to make effective decisions when facing issues such as adjusting to a new home environment, meeting new work and school challenges, selecting a doctor, and coordinating medical insurance. Learn More

Training & Workshops


Workshops are available for families to aid in acquiring skills and information beneficial to parenting children with disabilities or special health care needs. We work hard to provide our workshops to families at no cost. Click here to view a list of the workshops and training provided by Raising Special Kids.


Programs for resident physicians in pediatrics and family practice relay information about parents' perspective on issues relating to medical services. Parent Panels and staff-led workshops are available to students in education, medical, oral health and social service fields. Click here to view a list of the workshops and training provided by Raising Special Kids.