Parent Leadership

We believe that experienced families are a key source of knowledge and support to help new parents acquire essential skills in becoming effective advocates for their children. As a Parent Leader with Raising Special Kids, you can anticipate a rich and rewarding experience working with families who have a child/youth with a disability or special health care need. Your involvement connects you to a long tradition of families helping families. Nothing will prepare you for the immense joy you will experience as families begin to recognize their strengths, become self-reliant and dream new dreams.

Parent Leadership opportunities abound with Raising Special Kids. Whether it’s an hour a month or an hour a day, your time is valued and appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering to help support families of children with disabilities or special health needs, please call us at 602-242-4366 or 800-237-3007.

Your Skills Count!

Becoming a Parent Leader at Raising Special Kids is easy:

  • Fill out a Parent Leader application
  • Attend Parent Leader orientation and training
  • Get started right away with our Parent-to-Parent program by talking to families about what you know best—raising a child with special needs!

Parent Leadership Opportunities

Parents and individuals interested in serving families of children with disabilities and special health care needs are encouraged to contact Raising Special Kids about the following ongoing opportunities:

  • Parent to Parent Mentors - Support families by sharing your experience of raising a child with special needs.
  • Family Faculty - host 1-2 hour home visit for physician residency program
  • Outreach - staff an information table at public events
  • Parent Panel - speak to special education teachers or other professionals about the parent perspective
  • Parent Advocacy - Bring your advocacy and leadership skills and make a difference regarding public policy issues and the state Legislature.
  • Office - assist with clerical tasks (very flexible!)

    Click here to go to our Parent Leader application.

Parent Leaders can download the P2P Connection Record here.