Parent Leadership

A proud mother of two, Migdalia Morales first connected with Raising Special Kids after learning through a parent support group about the workshops offered in Spanish on various topics. She quickly became involved as a volunteer, and after two years as a Parent Leader helping other parents of children with disabilities, Migdalia truly appreciates the rewards of parent-to-parent support.

“There have been many benefits of being a volunteer at Raising Special Kids. I am especially grateful when the parents I contact express how relieved they are to share their concerns with another mother. They realize they are not the only ones who are going through the difficulties of raising a child with special needs.”

Migdalia has the same dreams for her son with disabilities as all parents do for their children—a good quality of life, to be a productive member of his community and “to never lose his smile.”

“Raising Special Kids has been very helpful for my family,” she added “because, thanks to their workshops and advice, I learned how to cope and defend the rights of my son in a more effective way. Each of my calls has been answered in a very short time, and they have given me valuable information.”

“As a Parent Leader, I feel useful and I know that in order for what I have learned to have the most value, I must share it.”

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