Family Stories

Raising Special Kids Helps Parent “Keep It Together”

Family Support Specialist Jenny Gibbons listened and provided feedback for Lurinda and Jay’dyn. “Jenny was a real-life hero,” Lurinda said. “She helped me keep it together and gave me tips for how to organize my paperwork and what to do. She helped me be the voice he needed at the time.”

Raising Special Kids Is Always There

We know who to call if we are feeling overwhelmed, and know that RSK not only understands logically how to help us (which is obviously important), but also understands compassionately how to help us (which is also a necessity as the challenges we face almost daily can really add up and take a toll on you if you don’t have that compassionate support).

Banahan family portrait outside

Getting Down to Business

“For us to go into a court of law and say that Julia is incompetent to decide if she wants to get married or have kids, we can’t say that. We won’t take that away from her but we will help her.”

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