​Elizabeth & Jackson

Freeburg family portrait

Elizabeth’s son Jackson seemed to have typical development as a baby until age two and a half when Elizabeth noticed that he was not putting multiple words together.

Their doctor assured her Jackson was fine, but Elizabeth felt something was not quite right. “I just kept asking questions,” she said.

After six months of waiting to see a developmental pediatrician, they received the diagnosis of autism for Jackson. “It was hard at first, but we realized a known is better than an unknown. We started doing a ton of research.” The pediatrician gave Elizabeth a recommendation to call Raising Special Kids, and she called to find out what assistance was available.

“Raising Special Kids gave us all kinds of resources and encouragement,” said Elizabeth. “They gave us some great information about Applied Behavior Analysis.” Elizabeth pursued ABA therapy for Jackson and reports he is doing very well—he has friends and is placed in a typical classroom at school. She is focusing on the goal for Jackson to attend college and is grateful for the realization that her dream can become a reality.

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