Gabby and Josh

When Josh was 11, Gabby and her family moved from California leaving behind their support networks. While they were getting settled in Arizona, Gabby learned about a support group for parents of children with disabilities.

Many of the parents in the group knew Raising Special Kids and introduced Gabby to the organization.

“One of the best things I found is the Parent to Parent support, said Gabby.

“It’s awesome! At one point I was having some issues with my son. Even though I could advocate strongly for others, when it came to my own situation, I would tend to freeze up. It was wonderful to get another person’s perspective, and it helped me through some problems. There is nothing like hearing someone else’s story to make you feel better. I realized: if she is okay, I am going to be okay too!”

Gabby found valuable assistance through the trainings and workshops. “When Josh was approaching 18 years old, I was so scared – I didn’t know what was going to happen or what options were available.” The workshop on guardianship helped answer a lot of questions for Gabby and her family. “I learned to take it step by step. Now he is in a great program and has plans for community college.”

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