De and Andy

Like many busy moms raising children with special needs, De takes advantage of services on the internet to help keep her aware of news and information she can use to help her son, Andy. She monitors public policy issues and other news via Raising Special Kids’ “Monday Memo” emails, which arrive weekly. She finds additional tips and resources in Raising Special Kids’ Facebook posts (Twitter and Pinterest are also available).

Sometimes a little sharing generates a lot of fun. When De learned through these services about the circus coming to the new accessible fitness center in Phoenix for a special appearance, she shared the information with teachers at her son’s school. The teachers, recognizing a great opportunity for a field trip, decided to bring two entire classes to see the circus!

“This was the first time our family was able to enjoy a major show event together because it was held at a modified, familiar venue. We hope it is the first of many such family experiences,” said De.

We hope so too.

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