​I Can Do This!

Blonde woman standing next to a window with her young adult son

Chris had to think pretty hard about how she originally found Raising Special Kids. “It was a really, really long time ago, “ she laughed, thinking of the journey through her son’s elementary, middle and high school years. “I think it was our doctor who referred us, or was it the school?”

That time period was a bit of a blur. Her son Taylor did not have a definitive medical diagnosis, and her family was having a hard time with his school. “The parent-to-parent connection was especially helpful as were the staff assistance with school and medical issues and finding lots of resources,” she said.

“Like many parents, sometimes I wanted to deal head-on with an issue and other times I’d just want to bury my head in the sand. Those were the times I just needed someone to listen.” Chris recalls the training and consultation she received helped her gain confidence in advocating for her son. When she went to meetings then began to feel, “I can do this!” And it worked.

Today Taylor is doing well and Chris is very proud. “He’s a really great kid – full of love and he’s so happy! It makes me feel good I stuck to my guns. The support I got from Raising Special Kids really helped me to do that.”

When Chris began to help others as a parent-to-parent mentor, she said, “I learned so many things from other parents.” We salute Chris for her accomplishments and the difference she has made for Taylor and for many other families.

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