Raising Special Kids Helps Parent “Keep It Together”

Lurinda Hatathli contacted Raising Special Kids for assistance when her son Jay’dyn struggled at a new school. Age 8 at the time, Jay’dyn’s behavior led to a school suspension. Lurinda knew she needed support, so she called Raising Special Kids.

Family Support Specialist Jenny Gibbons listened and provided feedback for Lurinda and Jay’dyn. “Jenny was a real-life hero,” Lurinda said. “She helped me keep it together and gave me tips for how to organize my paperwork and what to do. She helped me be the voice he needed at the time.”

Lurinda used the knowledge she gained from Raising Special Kids to help build support into her son’s IEP. The district ultimately placed Jay’dyn in a different school, a more appropriate fit for his needs. “Jenny kept in touch and followed his progress,” Lurinda noted. “That made me feel like I was on the right team.”

Lurinda now volunteers her time as a Parent Leader at Raising Special Kids. Through Raising Special Kids’ Parent to Parent Connection program, Parent Leaders like Lurinda use their knowledge and experience to mentor less experienced parents who are facing similar challenges. “I may not have all of the answers or know all of the resources but I do have one thing many do not have. I live the life of a special needs mother. I have the gift of my son and daughter. Some days may be tough but through it all, I would never trade it for the world.”

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