A Life-Changing Connection

When venturing into parenthood, most parents do not plan or expect to have a child with a medical diagnosis or disability, let alone two! Yet for the Chance family, autism is a large part of their family life having their two boys on the spectrum. Moving to Arizona was a challenge, Alexis was overwhelmed at understanding what services and supports were available for her children and finding the right school to meet their needs. She felt discouraged and did not know where to turn for help.

After connecting with other special needs parents in the online community, she found out about Raising Special Kids and immediately called for assistance. After speaking with a family support specialist, Alexis said, “This literally changed our lives!” She received guidance on how to apply for the programs and services in Arizona and what to expect. Now her boys have therapies in place, health insurance, community resources, and are thriving. Alexis was also able to find information on special education programs in her area, learn what school choices were available, and was given advice and coaching skills on how to work with her children’s school teams.

Financially it is difficult for the Chance family to live on one income. Trying to work with three young children, two having autism, proved to be impossible for Alexis. RSK helped her get approved for the parent provider option with DDD and it has been a life-changing source of support for their family.

“Raising Special kids has been a tremendous resource for my family through our transition to Arizona and I am forever grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on our team.”- Alexis

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