A One-Stop Shop Of Support

Moving out of state can be stressful for any family. Moving to a new country with a child who has significant disabilities and medical issues can be even more overwhelming! When Carla Dassie and her family moved to Arizona from Canada, she knew they had much to do to get services and support in place for her daughter Ashley.

“I had heard about Raising Special Kids and decided to reach out. My family support specialist was a wealth of information and so helpful! With her being a mother to a child with disabilities she related to my journey, was very knowledgeable, and was able to guide me to the right people to get services set up for my daughter. I am thankful for Raising Special Kids and the guidance and help they give to families.

Our family support specialist helped us with special education, therapy, and physician recommendations, navigating DDD and Arizona Long-term care, the Empowerment Scholarship, and finding resources to assist with an expensive surgery Ashley needed before we were eligible for services here as new US citizens. It has given us more quality time together as a family. They are a one-stop shop of support.”

Carla and her family are incredibly grateful for Raising Special Kids and know when they call in for support, Raising Special Kids is here for help and hope.

If you or someone you care about needs guidance and support, please fill out our online referral form. Our family support team is ready to help!

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