A Message From the Director – Spring 2024

At Raising Special Kids, we advocate passionately for the full and equitable inclusion of individuals with disabilities and their families, viewing it as an inherent human right. In our featured article, we discuss Supported Decision-Making, recent legislative developments, and real-life parental experiences, emphasizing its significance to us and the wider disability community.

Drawing from our extensive experience working with families, we recognize the critical importance of collaboration between parents and professionals, particularly during the high school years. Tailored annual transition planning aligned with individual student needs and a comprehensive understanding of graduation requirements and available support services is indispensable. However, the swift conclusion of high school often catches families unprepared, leading to inquiries regarding credit accumulation, employment readiness, and post-graduation activities.

Prepared families, in partnership with education and healthcare professionals, play a pivotal role in equipping youths with the necessary tools and resources for a confident and dignified transition to adulthood. Should you require guidance on the transition process, graduation, or legal options upon reaching 18, our dedicated Family Support staff is at your service.

In closing, our sincere appreciation extends to Richard Ambrose, Becky King and Beth Papp, Mark, Elisa and Max Cain and all parents who have generously shared their experiences, showcasing an unwavering commitment to independence and autonomy in their children. We also express gratitude to George Garcia, Melanie Soto, Sey In, and Jon Meyers, whose expertise not only provides invaluable support but also drives legislative changes promoting inclusivity and autonomy. Together, we lay the groundwork for a more equitable, inclusive, and supportive society for individuals with disabilities.

Christopher Tiffany

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