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Navigating Behavior Challenges at School

Throughout Conor’s school years, his behavior frequently interfered with his ability to successfully participate in class and caused much frustration – and sometimes pain – for his teachers, instructional assistants, school administrators and of course his parents.

Staff Spotlight: Ally Martinez

Amellaly (Ally) Martinez knows firsthand the value of connecting with other parents whose children have similar diagnoses. Her two youngest sons received autism diagnoses and she suspects autism in her older son. Ally said she felt lost and alone.

What You Need To Know About School Discipline

Parents might think their children won’t be disciplined, suspended or expelled if they receive services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 plan, but they can. While students with IEPs or 504 plans can receive discipline for violating school policies, additional protection is available to these students.

A Message From the Director – Summer 2023

For families of young children with disabilities, the transition into school for the first time can be wrought with stress and emotion. Our main article in this issue of Connecting discusses the nuts and bolts of the transition to preschool process.

Prepping for Preschool

“Like many parents, Teresa Banas felt nervous when it was time to send her children to preschool. Her son didn’t speak as much as his twin sister, and she was concerned about developmental delays.

Staff Spotlight: Paulina Serna

Paulina first became involved with Raising Special Kids about 14 years ago when her twins were born. Her son Luis was born with spina bifida, and she needed support from other parents who had similar experiences.

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