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Staff Spotlight: Michelle Henretta

Throughout her professional life, Michelle has worked as a paraprofessional and special education teacher teaching students of all abilities. She has experience in behavior coaching at Fort Huachuca and is highly involved in the local adaptive recreation programs in Sierra Vista.

Staff Spotlight: Tracey Sullivan

Tracey Sullivan first became interested in working with children with special health care needs when her nephew was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, language delays and autism.

A Message From the Director – Fall 2022

In December 2021 we say farewell to Jennifer Kupiszewski as she leaves the Raising Special Kids board of directors after many years of dedicated service to the organization. Jennifer has been at the center of many, if not all, of the major Raising Special Kids initiatives during her time with the organization. 

The ABCs of 504 Plans

To qualify for a 504 plan, a student needs to meet a definition set out by law which has three parts. The student must have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Having an impairment alone doesn’t qualify a student for a 504 plan; there must be a substantial limitation in one or more life activities.

Staff Spotlight: Angelica Lara

Things may have changed since Angelica Lara first started working at Raising Special Kids almost eight years ago but one of them is not her optimistic, diligent and creative approach to helping families – including her own

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