A Message From the Director – Summer 2024

As summer is well underway, we wish you and your family well and hope you can take some time to relax and explore new routines and activities unique to this time of year. We recognize that keeping children engaged without the structured school routine can be challenging, and finding a balance between leisure and continued developmental growth is the true goal of summertime for many families.

In this issue of Connecting, we share Jennifer Trevino’s inspiring story, underscoring the importance of quality child care and collaborative efforts in supporting children with special needs. Jennifer’s journey through different child care centers highlights the common challenges parents encounter and underscores the pivotal role of communication and understanding in nurturing environments. Her positive experience with Quality First, which provides developmental specialists to coach child care staff, exemplifies the impact of dedicated support. We extend heartfelt thanks to Quality First, Disability Rights Arizona, Smart Support, AZ STEPS, Birth to 5 Helpline, Parents as Teachers at Child and Family Resources, Childcare Resource and Referral and the Inclusion Program, as well as to Crystal Garcia and Demetrios Mebane for sharing their invaluable experiences and insights. These stories emphasize the significance of finding the right care for our children’s individual needs.

As we strive to build inclusive and supportive environments, we encourage families to explore a range of summer activities that promote development and strengthen familial bonds. Whether participating in a summer reading program, attending a family-friendly festival or enjoying nature outings, these experiences enrich children’s lives and create enduring memories. Let us continue to support one another and advocate for the best possible care and opportunities for all children.

Christopher Tiffany

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