Staff Spotlight: Viviana Sexton

headshot of Viviana Sexton outside smiling at the camera

Viviana Sexton’s journey with Raising Special Kids began when her oldest son, Asher, was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2. This pivotal moment led her to seek support from Raising Special Kids where she found the hope and assistance she needed to begin her family’s path forward.

Initially benefiting from the guidance of Raising Special Kids’ family support staff and her parent-to-parent connection, Viviana was inspired to become a parent leader. Drawing from her own experience, she shared her family’s story with others to offer them perspective and support while they were navigating similar challenges.
In 2023, Viviana joined the staff at Raising Special Kids as a bilingual family support specialist. Her first-hand knowledge of raising two boys with autism provided her with the empathy and understanding to assist families with navigating complex systems of care and coping with the uncertainties that accompany a new diagnosis in early childhood.

Recently, Viviana transitioned into the role of finance manager within the organization. Her background in corporate finance, combined with her commitment to Raising Special Kids’ mission of empowering families, uniquely equips her to contribute to the organization’s daily operations and strategic goals.

Making her home in Gilbert, Arizona, Viviana finds joy in her personal life with her husband Matt, their two boys, and their newly adopted dog. They enjoy frequent family adventures, many revolving around baseball and Disney. The Sexton family recently had the opportunity to visit the Bat Cave courtesy of the Colton Cowell Foundation, allowing Asher and his brother to experience a day of superhero-themed excitement.
Through her diverse roles at Raising Special Kids and her dedication to her family and community, Viviana Sexton embodies resilience, compassion, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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