Staff spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Ravyn Miles

“I’ve been struck by the number of additional responsibilities on families’ plates and how Raising Special Kids helps families work through so many different types of challenges. The staff has been so welcoming and it’s so nice to know they’re willing to share their personal and professional experiences.” 

Wendi Howe

Staff Spotlight: Wendi Howe

Having recently returned to Raising Special Kids as Project Manager, Wendi said, “As much as I loved working for GPS, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Raising Special Kids; it feels like home!

Nannette Salasek

Staff Spotlight: Nannette Salasek

Despite the good news, Nannette found herself overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear. An amazing NICU nurse referred her to Raising Special Kids who offered support, guidance, and, most importantly, a connection to another parent who had a child with spina bifida.

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