​Empowerment is Priceless!

Blonde mom next to young daughter with long curly hair

Having a child with a rare, undiagnosed genetic condition is a challenging journey. We faced so many unknowns with medical issues and developmental stages. It was very hard to find resources and help.

My first contact with Raising Special Kids was five years ago, when I had some difficulty with Taryn’s preschool services. I called to explain about my daughter’s condition and requested assistance. They helped me understand Taryn’s educational services and offered great suggestions on how to work with the school to resolve problem issues.

The best part was hearing from a parent who could share her story. For the first time, I felt like I had someone to connect with. I have now had the benefit of this insight over the last five years and feel confident in knowing how to advocate for Taryn – that empowerment is priceless! Being connected with Raising Special Kids has allowed our family to feel like we belong and we’re accepted.

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