transition to adulthood

Coming of Age

Turning18 is a huge milestone for anyone. When a young person with disabilities becomes an adult, their parents can have legitimate concerns about how to continue helping with decision making while also encouraging independence.

A Lifelong Relationship With Raising Special Kids

“Even though our son is no longer a kid, Raising Special Kids is still our go-to resource for helpful referrals, services and workshops, especially the Quick Connect Facebook series,” Ellen said. “We plan to have a lifelong relationship with RSK!”

Smiling mom squatting next to daughter in wheelchair

Taking on Challenges

With RSK just a phone call away, Jennifer knows she has people by her side who truly understand and are willing to take on the challenges with her.

Young man in a wheelchair smiling at his mom who is kneeling next to his chair and smiling at the camera

Challenge Accepted

As Tucker’s 18th birthday grew closer, Janna began having serious misgivings about standing before a judge claiming that Tucker is incapacitated. She thought of all the intelligent, insightful conversations they have and knew she couldn’t do it.

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