Teresa and RyRy

After raising children of her own, Teresa didn’t expect to find herself raising another baby–her grandson. Teresa also discovered that RyRy was not going to be an “easy” baby.

A gastro-intestinal issue required emergency surgery. An evaluation revealed developmental delays and the need for neurological testing. “You think you are bringing home a bouncy baby boy, and then–this,” she said. “He stopped talking, he stopped eating, and his system just wasn’t working right.”

As more health problems developed for RyRy, Teresa felt overwhelmed by trying to absorb the information and understanding the various diagnoses. She found assistance at Raising Special Kids, and was able to gain knowledge and confidence to help meet her grandson’s needs.

“Someone calling and just talking to you is beyond huge,” said Teresa. She received support by having information, training, and peer mentoring that provided her with valuable assistance in making decisions for her family.

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