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Raising Special Kids Is Always There

We know who to call if we are feeling overwhelmed, and know that RSK not only understands logically how to help us (which is obviously important), but also understands compassionately how to help us (which is also a necessity as the challenges we face almost daily can really add up and take a toll on you if you don’t have that compassionate support).

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​Support Through the Journey

“I don’t know how the heck I survived,” Lynn said about receiving Zane’s diagnosis just after her daughter was born. Lynn recalled the relief she felt in speaking to another parent who served as her mentor, and from the resources and training she received.

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Anytime I Feel Lost I Call

Riley’s mom, Kristie, does not remember a time in his life when they did not rely on Raising Special Kids to help. Kristie first learned about Raising Special Kids while Riley was still in the NICU.

I always feel welcomed

“When you are going through this struggle, you just feel isolated, and you don’t know where to turn. It’s so hard because your friends and family want to help, but they don’t know what to do, they haven’t walked in your shoes. It was good to have other parents I could talk with and share.”

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