RSK Helps Family Find the Road to Success and Healing

Young smiling boy in his room surrounded by books toys keyboard telescope

When Hope Dobbins found herself in the Ability 360 building for a therapy evaluation for her son Cheston, she decided to have courage and open the doors of the Raising Special Kids office. Having been referred to RSK by her son’s developmental pediatrician a few years prior, Hope had waited to call for assistance as she was overwhelmed with her son’s new diagnoses and the medical challenges Cheston was experiencing.

That leap of faith and reaching out on a busy afternoon led Hope to a wealth of support for her and her son. Talking of her experience with the helpful family support team Hope shares “ As our family support specialist was giving guidance, I was frantically writing because I did not want to miss a thing! I was very new to the special needs community and still trying to understand my son’s Autism diagnosis while managing his many medical issues. It was difficult and overwhelming. Connecting us with the RSK trainings, therapies and local resources for autism families helped me in so many ways. It showed me that I was not alone and that she understood and could relate to my family’s needs, being a special needs parent herself.”

Hope’s supportive experience with Raising Special Kids has led to her becoming a parent leader for the organization. “Raising Special Kids truly helped us get on a road to success and healing. “

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