Change Can Be Hard. Connecting With RSK Helps.

Moving can be a stressful experience for any family. Having a child with intense medical needs and disabilities makes it even more daunting to move to a new state and locate supports and services.

Rachel Marquardt recently reached out to Raising Special Kids in preparation for her family’s move from California to Arizona. “Our middle son is medically complex and has a rare genetic condition, and I was most concerned with uprooting him,” Rachel shared.

“We loved his medical team, school, therapy providers and home nurses. However, looking at our family holistically, we continued to feel led to move so that I could be more present for all three of our boys.” Rachel was working full-time as a teacher and balancing her busy job with her children’s needs was becoming more difficult, especially as her son Jacob’s medical issues grew more intense. The Marquardts knew they needed a change.

As Rachel researched their planned move to Arizona, a fellow parent of a child with disabilities recommended she contact Raising Special Kids.

“Being connected with RSK has melted so many of my moving anxieties away,” Rachel said. “I have told countless people how incredibly blessed I am to be in contact with this organization. When I have had dozens of questions, I speak to an actual, real live person who gives me help right away and understands what I am going through. Connecting with RSK has truly blessed me on this journey into the unknown.”

Rachel added that the family support specialist she spoke with from Raising Special Kids answered her questions about how disability services work in Arizona, sharing resources to help her son.

Now, her family is settling here in Arizona, and Rachel feels confirmation that the move was the right choice for her family. “I am more confident that I can be a good advocate for my son and get him connected with a great team once again,” Rachel added. “I am truly grateful for this life-enhancing organization.”

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