A Lifelong Relationship With Raising Special Kids

When the O’Hare family first reached out to Raising Special Kids years ago, their son Jack was starting in the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP). With Jack not speaking yet and the pediatrician sharing her concerns, Ellen O’Hare needed guidance and support. The Family Support team at Raising Special Kids provided help, direction and resources for her family.

As he grew, Jack was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. “We leaned hard on RSK to help us find everything from doctors and therapists to special needs planning and transition services,” Ellen shared. She loved attending Raising Special Kids workshops and gaining helpful information and strategies. She also learned how to work with Jack’s school team to get appropriate services in place. Throughout his school years and into adulthood, Raising Special Kids has supported the O’Hare family.

Because of this support, Ellen became one of our beloved parent leaders and she loves mentoring other families. “In our house, ‘Pay it Forward’ is not a catchphrase – it’s a lifestyle,” Ellen added. “We are grateful for Raising Special Kids and the parent leaders who helped us. If our experience can help others, we are more than happy to share!”

Today Jack is a happy, thriving adult who studies Forensic Science at Arizona State University! He also enjoys chess, role-playing games and playing the drums. «Even though our son is no longer a kid, Raising Special Kids is still our go-to resource for helpful referrals, services and workshops, especially the Quick Connect Facebook series,” Ellen said. “We plan to have a lifelong relationship with RSK!”

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