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What a Long, Strange Year It’s Been!

When the world was forced to adjust to a global pandemic, the changes needing to happen in a very short time were nearly staggering. As with many people and organizations, technology took center stage for Raising Special Kids. Staff adjusted to working from home, presenting 100% of our workshops online and helping their own children with online school.

Nannette Salasek

Staff Spotlight: Nannette Salasek

Despite the good news, Nannette found herself overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear. An amazing NICU nurse referred her to Raising Special Kids who offered support, guidance, and, most importantly, a connection to another parent who had a child with spina bifida.

Meeting Unique Needs One IEP at a Time

“I feel fortunate that my background as a special education teacher provided me with knowledge of the special education process and my rights. But, coming into IEP meetings as a parent– it’s very different.”

Young man in a wheelchair smiling at his mom who is kneeling next to his chair and smiling at the camera

Challenge Accepted

As Tucker’s 18th birthday grew closer, Janna began having serious misgivings about standing before a judge claiming that Tucker is incapacitated. She thought of all the intelligent, insightful conversations they have and knew she couldn’t do it.

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